CKPH-INTL-19 Water Fountain Cleaning Kit (3 Brush Set)

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The Fountain Cleaning Kit is a convenient and easy way to keep any Drinkwell® fountain clean. This 3-brush set is great for cleaning the fountain and pump. The large brush with the spongy top is perfect for soaping up the fountain sides and bowl. The tiny flexible brush easily clears debris and build-up from the pump to keep your fountain working great. The medium bristly brush helps you clean any other part of the fountain.

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Additional Information

Key Features

-Brushes allow access to hard-to-reach areas
-Frequent cleaning extends the life of the fountain


-Compatible with all Drinkwell® fountains

System Includes

-32 cm length, 5 cm head brush
-31 cm length, 2 cm head brush
-14 cm length, 1 cm head brush


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