Pet Containment

PetSafe Radio Fence Containment Systems

Stop your beloved pet from escaping out of your property, destroying flower beds, chewing cars, pool nets or furniture and lying under cars.

Prevent drowning – pets that can’t swim or that are blind.

Keep your pet away from rubbish bins, the chicken run, horse paddocks or any other area where they may cause havoc or be in danger.

The Radio Fence kit consists of a transmitter, power adapter, 150 meters of boundary wire, 50 flags, a receiver collar with battery and a user manual. Additional wire is available in 150 meter spools (RFA-500).

The fence system allows you to select the collar which best suits your pet. All collars work with the same radio frequency and multiple collars can be used with one system. Multi-level collars allow you to select the lowest level suited to your pet’s temperament.

How does it work?

Bury or attach the wire to the wall/fence of the area you would like to prevent your pet from crossing. Such as the perimeter of your property, around you veranda or in front of your entrance gate.

Connect one end of the wire to a clip on the transmitter, run the wire around the area you want to keep the pet away from and connect the other end to a second clip of the transmitter (forms a closed loop). Twist the double wire running from the transmitters to the perimeter around each other to inactivate the signal for free movement across this section.

The transmitter sends a signal through the wire that creates a settable zone where the wire is single (or any odd number). The pet wearing a collar will hear an audio warning as soon as the collar enters the zone, if your pet steps forward closer to the wire they will experience millisecond static corrections. The kit contains flags, used to give a visual indication of the no-go zone during training.

The multi-level collars have one audio level (Level 1) and 4 static correction levels. Always start at the lowest level and only move higher if your dog shows no reaction. Nodding of the head or a confused look is enough of a reaction.

Before increasing the level ensure that the collar is working (use the test light supplied with the kit) and that the probes are making contact with your dog’s skin.

Important Notice

The system’s 3 year warranty does not include lightning and power surge damages.

We highly recommend to use the RFA-600 lightning protector with your containment system. The RFA-600 will protect the transmitter from currents running through the earth created by lightning.

It’s advisable to plug the power adapter into a lightning protector wall plug as well. These plugs are available from your local hardware store. Lightning protection is never 100% guaranteed but will at least give you 90% change not blowing the transmitter and power adapter.